Detailing Mafia Microfiber Red Pad

Fiber structure allows you to keep the compound on the surface of the microfiber pad, which allows you to work effectively on a polished element. The microfiber pad is designed to minimize vibrations during operation, which significantly affects its lifetime.
Polyamide velour used for a high quality velcro ensures secure fixing to the backplate of the polishing machine. Polyester, polyurethane foam with high damping factor used.

For mechanical polishing and matting,
For use with first step polishing compounds.

Usage: the microfiber pad can be used both damp and dry polishing, maximum speed of 2600 rpm, no load.

Parameters Value:

Density 36 – 41 kg/m3

Hardness 40% 8 – 11 kPa

Elongation 140 %

Tensile strength 200 kPa

Cell diameter 480 – 600 micron

Tear resistance 7 N/cm