Detailing Mafia Black Pad is designed to work with last step compounds.

The structure of the foam quickly gives off heat.

Application: Mechanical application of polishing and anti-hologram compounds.

Main product features:

● Optimal selected shapes

● The homogeneous structure of high strength

● Specially shaped surface ● proper hardness Mounting:

● Polyamide velor to ensure strong connection Connection:

● Adhesive is matched individually to the bonded substrates.

● Resistance to temperature, aqueous environment and organic solvents.

The product shows the resistance to prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 110 ° C.

Parameters Value:

Density 26 – 30 kg/m3

Hardness 40% 2 – 4 kPa

Elongation 350 %

Tensile strength 200 kPa

Cell diameter 440 – 520 micron






142mm DA