Detailing Mafia Premium Pads are designed for efficient polishing of painted coatings. It is adapted to existing on the market polishing systems, which work with both rotary and orbital machines, wet and dry and speed range 300-2500rpm

Detailing Mafia Power Line Red Pad is designed to be used with last step polishing compounds. Foam structure maintains the compound on the surface of the sponge which allows for precisive development of particles and full utilization of the compound. Works well with polishing compounds: smooth-polishing, finishing, works with cleaners and anti-hologram solutions.

Product details:

The foam structure allows to keep the compound on the working surface of the pad, which makes for an effective work on a polished element.

Pad is designed to minimize vibrations during the work, which significantly affects its lifetime,

The handle made of a high quality velcro ensures multiple possibilities of a firm fixing of the pad to the polishing machine

Hook-up type velcro 

Polyester, polyurethane foam with a high damping ratio,

Open cell system allows for a very good ventilation 

„Sharp Edge” shape allows precise work 


142mm DA