Detailing Mafia Orange Pad is designed for use with first and second step polishing compounds. Foam structure maintains the paste on the surface of the sponge what provides accurate developing particles and full utilization of the paste. Application: cutting and polishing compounds.

Main product features:

● Optimal selected shapes

● The homogeneous structure of high strength

● Specially shaped surface

● Proper hardness Mounting

● Polyamide velor to ensure strong connection Connection

● Adhesive is matched individually to the bonded substrates

● Resistance to temperature, aqueous environment and organic solvents The product shows the resistance to prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 110 ° C

Parameters Value:

Denisty 36 – 41 kg/m3

Hardness 40% 8 – 11 kPa

Elongation 140 %

Tensile strength 200 kPa

Cell diameter 480 – 660 micron

Tear resistance 7 N/cm



142mm DA